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General Information

Emergency Cards - Emergency cards for all students must be on record.  The information must be kept current, as a student cannot be dismissed from school prior to the end of the school day unless a parent/guardian or designated person is notified.

Lockers - Lockers should be kept clean and free of stickers, food, and graffiti at all times and should never be left unlocked.  The school assumes no responsibility for the loss of any items left in a locker.  LOCKERS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE SCHOOL AND MAY BE OPENED BY SCHOOL PERSONNEL AT ANY TIME.

Backpacks - Student backpacks should never be left unattended as the school is not responsible for lost or stolen backpacks.

Bicycles - Always lock your bicycle securely as the school cannot guarantee the security of bicycles.

Parking - A vehicle must be registered and have a parking sticker.  Students may only park in spaces designated for student parking.  Parking stickers are available from Michele Doss in the Business Office. Driving to school is a privilege, not a right.  Please obey the law and follow safety guidelines:

  • Lock your vehicle at all times.  The school assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage.
  • Speeding or reckless driving is prohibited and may result in a SRPD citation.
  • Students are not permitted in cars and parking lots during the school day.

Textbooks - Student ID cards are required to check out books. Students are responsible and in the event a textbook is lost or damaged, the student will either be charged for damages or the full replacement cost.

Library: (707) 890-3810  Ext. 53126/53127 - The library is open to students between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM. 

Health Office: (707) 890-3810  Ext. 53136 - If a student becomes ill during the school day, he/she must check out through the Health Office.  Any student who needs to take medication at school should bring a current statement from his/her physician. 

Elsie Allen Health Center: 583-8777 - Elsie Allen Health Center, EAHC, is located in the G building.  The EAHC is owned by the Southwest Health Clinic and offers a variety of services. All services are completely confidential and free of charge.  A signed parent consent form is required. The consent form can be downloaded on the Health Center website page.


Clubs - We offer a variety of clubs and activities.  Try something new and get involved!  See the club descriptions on the Elsie Allen High School website.   

Dances - All school-sponsored dances are for high school students only and require a dance clearance form.  Guest passes will not be issued to anyone in 8th grade or below, or over the age of 20.  Students on the loss of privilege list may not attend dances.

Yearbook - The yearbook provides a wonderful record of your high school experiences.  Buy early! (Yearbooks can be purchased by clicking here.)


Eligibility - In order to be eligible to participate in sports activities in the Sonoma County League, the student must meet minimum requirements set forth by the California Interscholastic Federation, North Coast Section, Santa Rosa City Schools, and Elsie Allen High School.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Proof of physical taken after July 1 (appointments may be scheduled through the Elsie Allen Health Center)
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA, Passed 20 credits during the previous grading period, and is currently enrolled in at least 4 classes.  Student must also be on track to graduate.
  • Completed Student Athletic Clearance packet
  • Student has no outstanding fines

Transferring from one school to another school may affect your eligibility under the North Coast Section and/or CIF rules.  It is your responsibility to see your school principal or athletic director for a copy of the rules.  See the athletic director(s) for more information regarding athletics and athletic eligibility.

See Athletics Page for a list of sports, schedules and enrollment information.

ATTENDANCE – (707) 890-3810  Ext. 53110/53111

It is the Law! - California law requires students to attend school through the age of 18 or until they graduate from high school.

•     Excused Absences: 

  • Illness
  • Medical, dental, legal appointments
  • Religious observances
  • Death in the immediate family
  • School business
  • Authorized field trips
  • Checking out of school through the nurse or attendance office

•     Unexcused Absence/Cut:

  • Willful absence from school without parental knowledge; truancy.
  • Absence from school without acceptable cause, with parental permission.

***Students must bring a note written by a parent explaining their absence. Parents can also call the Attendance Office providing the reason for the student’s absence.***

Grades - Absences may affect the academic success of the student, as they miss the interaction during class discussions.  When a student has had 20 unexcused hours of absence for a five-unit course in one semester, the student shall not receive any credit for that course and shall receive a grade of F.

ACADEMIC INFORMATION/COUNSELING – (707) 890-3810  Ext. 53119

Counseling Services - The student support services focus on the following:

  • Educational planning
  • Career planning
  • Strategies for post-secondary education/vocational institutions
  • Financial aid/vocational counseling
  • Personal/special counseling

A student entering school is assigned a counselor who helps plan his/her academic program and keeps track of all necessary graduation credits.  A student and parent/guardian may make an appointment to see a counselor at any time.

Special Programs: 

Agricultural – These classes help prepare students for careers in Veterinary Science, Landscaping and Agriculture Mechanics.

Public Safety - These classes help prepare students for careers in law enforcement, fire safety, and emergency medical response.

The University Center at Elsie Allen High School - The University Center at Elsie Allen High School is a partnership with Sonoma State University and offers a rigorous and innovative curriculum and enrollment in university courses to motivated students.  This program supports students through the college preparation process with a series of seminars that provide participants with the skills they will need to be successful at the university level. Topics include academic and personal success skills, essay and composition, how to research colleges for the “best fit,” and the college and scholarship application process.  You can:

  • Take additional courses in your freshman and sophomore years, which allow you to complete core requirements sooner, pursue elective areas of interest and take SSU courses in your junior and senior year.
  • Receive time management, study skills, SAT preparation, postsecondary planning, and college and career exploration support.
  • Work with a dedicated counselor who will provide guidance in the college application process and knowledge of a wide range of colleges and universities throughout the country.
  • Save thousands of dollars in college tuition.
  • Enroll in Sonoma State University courses for $16.00 per semester.
  • Visit college campuses.

Students interested in the University Center, please call: 975-1659.


Dress Code - A student dress code should accomplish several goals:

-Maintain a safe learning environment in classes where protective or supporting clothing is needed, such as lab classes (eye or body protection), dance (bare feet, flexible clothing), or PE (PE clothing/shoes).

-Allow students to wear clothing of their choice that is comfortable.

-Allow students to wear clothing that expresses their self-identified gender.

-Allow students to wear religious attire without fear of discipline or


-Prevent students from wearing clothing with offensive images or language, including profanity, hate speech and pornography.

-Prevent students from wearing clothing with images or language depicting or advocating violence or the use of alcohol or drugs.

-Ensure that all students are treated equitably regardless of gender/gender identification, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, body type/size, religion, and personal style. 

Rule 1. Clothes must be worn in a way such that genitals, buttocks, and nipples are covered with opaque (cannot be seen through) material. All items listed in the “must wear” and “may wear” categories below must meet this basic principle.

Rule 2:  Students Must Wear:

*A Shirt. 

*Bottom: pants/sweatpants/shorts/skirt/dress/leggings. 

*Shoes; activity-specific shoes requirements are permitted (for example, for sports). 

*High-school courses that include attire as part of the curriculum (for professionalism, public speaking, and job readiness) may include assignment-specific dress for that day of presenting, but should not focus on promoting culturally-specific attire.

Rule 3: Students Cannot Wear: 

*Violent language or images. 

*Images or language depicting drugs or alcohol (or any illegal item or activity) or the same use. This includes name bands drug and alcohol associated logos such as, but not limited, to Backwoods, Cookies, etc. (If we google and it comes back associated with drugs or alcohol you will not be allowed to wear it.) 

*Hate speech, profanity, pornography. 

*Images or language that create a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class. 

*Visible underwear. Minimal visible waistbands or minimal straps on undergarments worn under other clothing is not a violation. 

*Bathing suits.

 *Helmets or headgear that obscures the face (except as a religious observance) or in the instance of mandated health and safety rules around wearing masks.

Rule 4: Students May Wear: *Hats, Hair Wraps, Nets, Do-rags, religious headwear. *Hoodie sweatshirts (overhead is allowed). *Fitted pants, including leggings, yoga pants and “skinny jeans”. *Midriff baring shirts. *Pajamas. *Ripped jeans, as long as underwear is not exposed. *Tank tops, including spaghetti straps, halter tops, and “tube” (strapless)tops. *Athletic attire. *Clothing with commercial or athletic logos provided they do not violate Rule 3 (see above).

Fighting - Elsie Allen High School has a zero tolerance for fighting.  The consequence for being involved in a fight, defined as an exchange of physical blows (e.g. hitting, slapping, pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, flicking, etc.) will be a maximum five-day suspension from school and a possible recommendation for expulsion and/or participation in the Restorative Justice program.  Any student who is being threatened or intimidated or who is involved in a fight should report the incident immediately to any staff member and not take matters into his/her own hands.  Students who instigate a fight but are not actively involved (e.g. spreading or carrying rumors, encouraging others to fight, carrying information back and forth between other individuals who subsequently fight, arranging for a fight to occur, etc.) may also be suspended from school for five days.

Closed Campus - Elsie Allen High School is a closed campus.  Once students arrive at school they may not leave without permission from school personnel.

Security Cameras - We have installed security cameras throughout our campus to help deter vandalism and to create a safer environment for our students.

Dogs - Use of dogs trained to find contraband are used by the Santa Rosa Police Department and approved by the Board of Education.  They are used as a deterrent to the presence of drugs and alcohol on campus.

Cell Phones - Cell phones and other mobile communications devices may not be used during class time unless specific permission has been granted by a teacher and/or administration.

Internet Access - Internet access is available to students.  The District has taken precautions to restrict access to controversial materials.  However, on a global network it is impossible to control all materials.  We firmly believe that the valuable information and interaction available on this worldwide network far outweighs the possibility that users may procure material inconsistent with the educational goals of the District.  There are a Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement that must be signed by the student and parent in order for the student to be given the privilege of using the Internet at school.  When signed, the student understands that he/she will abide by the provisions and conditions of the contract.  The student also agrees that a violation of the regulations may result in disciplinary action, the revoking of the user account, and appropriate legal action.

Weapons - No student shall possess, handle, or transmit any object anywhere on the campus or to any school related activity, event, or function that can be reasonably considered a weapon or dangerous object.  Swiss Army knives, Leatherman's tools, slingshots, and pocketknives are all examples of weapons or dangerous objects and will not be tolerated on any school campus.  Possession of any weapon will result in suspension and possible police action and possible expulsion.  Laser pens also are not allowed on campus.

Search and Seizure - Searches of students, lockers, student vehicles and other student property may be conducted if reasonable belief exists that some materials or matter is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of students or staff, or is in violation of school policy or law.  Property that is a threat to the safety and security of students and/or staff may be seized.  Items used to disrupt or interfere with the educational process may be removed from a student's possession and returned to parents or given to law enforcement officials.

Skateboards/Roller blades - Skateboards and roller blades are not to be ridden on campus.  Safekeeping of skateboards and roller blades is the student's responsibility. The school is not responsible for any damage or theft of personal property.

Tobacco - Santa Rosa City Schools is a Tobacco-Free School District effective August 14, 1994. Tobacco products are not allowed on campus. This policy applies to school and district employees, students and visitors at any school or school-sponsored activity or athletic event.

Personal Property - Please do not bring personal property, valuable items (ie: ipods, cell phones, electronics), or large amounts of money to school.  THE SCHOOL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OR THEFT OF MONEY OR VALUABLES.

Bus Transportation - Riding the bus to and from school is a privilege, not a right.  It is important to remember that the bus drivers are in complete charge of the pupils on their buses and their instructions must be followed at all times.  There are consequences for inappropriate behaviors on the bus.

Visitors – Middle school students who are interested in attending Elsie Allen High School may “shadow” for a day to learn about our many exciting academic programs.  Please call (707) 890-3810  Ext. 53119 for more information.