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AVID College Preparation

AVID = Advancement Via Individual Determination!

AVID strives to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. The program serves students who are often the least well served in our schools – students in the academic middle who are totally capable of success, but who are not reaching their potential. These tend to be 1st generation students; their parents have not attended college. Aside from learning to take notes that are so good, other students want to buy them, AVID also helps students excel in their current classes through the tutorial process of inquiry.



AVID students explore their dreams through college tours, guest speakers and extensive career research. In years past, AVID seniors have received the highest percentage of scholarship dollars. 92% of all four year AVID students are accepted to the college of their choice, including those who entered high school four years prior without “a word of English” in their mouth.

With the creation of the Compact for Success agreement between LCMS, EAHS and SSU, we’ve expanded the AVID program to support nearly half of each incoming class as they prepare for college and career choices that follow high school. For the past 32 years, AVID has been offered



AVID students

throughout the United States as well as internationally. Elsie Allen High School is proud to be a certified AVID school and is working to become a National Demonstration site.


Good fortune has the AVID team working closely with AVID District Director Andy Lieberman who has been instrumental in the expansion of AVID at Elsie Allen High School.

AVID is a doorway to your dreams!

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Annie Scully - As a coordinator and teacher of AVID at EAHS, Annie Scully has made AVID a cornerstone of all her best teaching. For over twenty years, she has been teaching and learning from AVID students who consistently find themselves advancing toward their dreams.  Five years ago, she became one of a handful of Northern California trainers of the AVID English Language Development Pathway.