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Public Safety


The EAHS Public Safety Pathway is a 3 year career development program that allows students to explore options in law enforcement, fire services, medical response fields, court positions, prison employment, military services, and other fields.  Along with career exploration, the program emphasizes professional behavior, public speaking skills, and written communication.  Through a variety of speakers and field trips, students will have the opportunity to meet representatives from public safety fields as well as students currently enrolled in the SRJC training programs. 


Introduction to Public Safety:  Introduction to Public Safety is a one year course that will present students with career options in public safety fields.  Students will get first hand practice in planning for a disaster, collision reporting, finger printing, and public speaking.  Students will complete this program with certifications in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), First Aid, and CPR with AED.  Speakers for this class typically include police officers, fire fighters, military recruiters, and current training program students.  This class visits the Santa Rosa Police Dept. and receives a full day of training with the Santa Rosa Fire Dept. 



Advanced Public Safety:  The Advanced Public Safety class will exam in detail the fundamental prerequisites for public safety careers including the application processes, interview and background investigations, and human resource information. Students will create personal job resumes and applications and sit on job interview panels in the classroom setting evaluating peer applications, resumes and interview results.  Students will extend their professional training in disaster response, First Aid, and CPR with AED by presenting this instruction to other programs within EAHS.  Speakers for this class typically include homicide investigators, police dog handlers, and Chiefs of police depts.  This class may take a field trip to the SRJC police Academy.  Students in this class are eligible to arrange ride-along experiences with SRPD outside of school activities.


Law and Justice:  Students will exam complex legal concepts such as probable cause, beyond reasonable doubt, Miranda, search and seizure laws, use of force, and other criminal procedures.  Students will follow cases through the court systems, complaint, arrest, indictment, petition, bail, arraignment, motions, plea bargaining, trial, conviction,

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jury procedures, sentencing, incarceration, probation and parole. Students will exam the US Constitution, the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 14th Amendments and the Due Process of Law. Students will learn the roles prosecutors and defense counsel in criminal proceedings, the rule of the judiciary and appeals courts.  Students in the class may visit the Sonoma County Courthouse and attend court porcedings.


Public Safety Teachers

Michael Charpiot has been teaching at Elsie Allen High School for 14 years.  He teaches Law and Justice for the Public Safety program and in the History Department. He has taught Advanced Placement U.S. History and Government for many years. He is currently attending Administration of Justice classes at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Daniel Bartholome has been teaching at Elsie Allen High School for 11 years and teaches Introduction to Public Safety and Advanced Public Safety.  Mr Bartholome was a police officer for Santa Rosa Police Dept for 10 years.   His career was shortened by an injury incurred during the arrest of a violent felon.   Mr. Bartholome is also a math teacher at EAHS and has coached football and rugby for the school.